The Complete Video Platform for Live Streaming

We live in a Digital Video Economy, where every golf tournament owner must incorporate video. ParOne's Live Streaming Platform helps tournament owners syndicate and engage with your audiences on the screens of their choice.

Beautiful video experiences at any scale.

Our livestreaming solution lets you deliver flawless video at any scale. Whether your viewers are at home, at work, or somewhere in between, they won’t miss an announcement, shot, or cheer thanks to our industry-best 99.99% uptime.

Livestreaming drives revenue as well as engagement.

Combine live video and ad-supported content into one continuous stream and foil ad blockers with server-side ad insertion. Suddenly, your video stream is global where golfers consume content.

Hello, Hallo, こんにちは!

ParOne's video player comes equipped with translations of your content to reach more golfers around the globe.

Grab your audience’s attention — and hold it.

Powered by ParOne's Content Syndication Network, Your tournament broadcast can reach golfers across the entire globe where golfers already consume content -- the golf apps and websites they live in.

Simple no-tricks pricing

Annual Fee

Annual Fee is based on revenue splits for provided advertising or use your own and pay us without a percentage. Annual Fee subject to change.

What's included

  • Video Player with Live access

  • Global distribution of your content

  • Translated in every language

  • ParOne dedicated support


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