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  1. Why are Callaway Big Bertha Irons the Best Irons?

    Callaway has engineered fantastic golf iron technology with Big Bertha clubs.

    That's the reason why so many golfers favor these irons over all others.

    Callaway technology innovations include:

    Extreme Notch Weighting Off-center hits won't lose their distance.

    Wide Constant-width Sole Decreases the digging on fat shots and helps the irons move through the turf.

    VFT (variable face thickness) technology Optimizes face thickness for a low center of gravity. Other manufacturers use VFT for drivers and fairway woods, but not with irons.

    360-degree variable undercut channel Better club weighting and better hits.

    S2H2 (Short Straight Hollow Hosel) technology Club weight redistributed from the hosel toward the perimeter of the clubhead, enhancing forgiveness.

    Constant loft-spacing through the short irons and wedges This eliminates the gap often found between pitching wedge and sand wedge.

    Bertha irons just keep getting better. Callaway Golf Engineers combined Extreme Notch Weighting and the Deeper 360-degree Undercut Channel to increase the Moment of Inertia by a substantial 8 percent. That means increased stability and reduced distance loss on off-centre hits.

    If you're looking for irons, don't settle for anything other than Big Berthas.

  2. Callaway X Fairway Woods

    Offer superior turf interaction, alignment accuracy and more penetrating ball flight. With Callaway Golf's new X-Sole design, the clubhead rests on two distinct, raised areas of the sole, eliminating the tendency of the head to rock back and forth at address. That means a more consistent alignment that will help ensure your shots start off on-line.

  3. Callaway X Tour Fairway Woods

    The Tour 13° and Tour 15° Fairway Wood models have slightly smaller heads and stronger lofts for a lower, more penetrating ball flight preferred by more skilled players.

  4. Callaway FT-Hybrids

    Revolutionary Fusion Technology in hybrids for the ultimate in shot-shaping control. FT-Hybrids feature Fusion Technology, the superior weight-shifting science used in the Fusion FT-3 Driver and Fusion Fairway Woods. By using multiple materials in clubhead construction, Callaway Golf engineers have optimized perimeter weighting to create a high Moment of Inertia for enhanced stability and forgiveness.

  5. Callaway Heavenwood Hybrids

    A hybrid in its highest form. You get the performance of long irons, the forgiveness of fairway woods. They're your go-to clubs for confidence, consistency and playability anywhere on the course.

  6. Callaway X-18 Irons

    The X-18 Irons are the ideal balance of performance and forgiveness in irons. Favoured by tour pros and recreational players alike, they continue the X-Series legacy with a new refined head shape and size and high-polish finish. See your favourite Callaway Golf retailer to see the difference they can make in your game.

  7. Callaway Fusion FT-3 Driver

    Optimized for you with 460cc of carbon composite and titanium construction – science that allows us to move an amazing amount of discretionary weight and put it where you need it most.

  8. Callaway Golf Company

    Callaway Golf Company (NYSE: ELY) is an American sporting goods company based in Carlsbad, California, specializing in golf. They manufacture a full range of of some of the best golf equipment, including woods, irons, wedges, putters and golf balls, and also license the Callaway brand name for apparel, footwear, timepieces and accessories.

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    Current Callaway Products in Production


    • Interchangeable Clubheads and Shafts:
    • FT-i, FT-i Tour LCG
    • FT-5, FT-5 Tour
    • FT-iQ, FT-iQ Tour
    • FT-9, FT-9 Tour


    • FT-9, FT-9 Tour
    • FT-iQ, FT-iQ Tour
    • FT-i, FT-i Tour LCG
    • FT-5, FT-5 Tour
    • Big Bertha Diablo Driver
    • Hyper X, Hyper X Tour Driver
    • Women's Big Bertha Driver

    Fairway Woods

    • Big Bertha Diablo Fairway Woods
    • FT-i Squareway Fairway Woods
    • FT, FT Tour Fairway Woods
    • X, X Tour, X Hot Fairway Woods


    • FT Hybrid
    • X Hybrid
    • Big Bertha Diablo Hybrid


    • FT I-Brid Irons
    • FT Irons
    • X-22 Irons, X-22 Tour Irons
    • X-Prototype Irons
    • X Forged Irons (2009)
    • Big Bertha Irons


    • X-Forged Wedges
    • X-Tour Wedges


    • Tour i
    • Tour ix
    • Big Bertha Diablo
    • HX Hot Plus, HX Hot Bite
    • HX Pearl
    • Warbird Plus

    ParOne Golf Books

    The Golf Book -- Chicken Soup for the Soul
    Jack Canfield
    The Golf Book -- Chicken Soup for the Soul Golf is a sport of passion and obsession like none other. Chicken Soup and Golf Digest magazine have put together a great collection of true personal stories that wikk inspire, amuse, and surprise golfers. Celebrity golfers, weekend golfers, beginners, and pros share the best stories they've told at the 19th hole, about good times on and off the course. Chicken Soup's golf books have always been very successful-with addition of Golf Digest, this book should hit a hole in one.
    Harvey Penick's Little Red Book: Lessons and Teachings from a Lifetime in Golf
    Harvey Penick
    Harvey Penick's Little Red Book: Lessons and Teachings from a Lifetime in Golf Before titanium drivers, before oversized heads and bubble shafts, before electronic systems to tell you how far you are from the pin, golf was much the same game it is today. The lessons Harvey Penick taught in the pre-gadget days still stand. The golf swing is basically the same, and Penick could teach it better than anybody. For most of his life, he never intended to publish his Little Red Book, a notebook of golf wisdom and anecdotes that he compiled with the idea that he'd pass it on to his son. But, for the sake of history, it's a good thing that he changed his mind. Contained in its 175 pages is just about all you need to know about golf from a technical standpoint, along with Penick's priceless memories of working with famous pros, teaching absolute nobodies to get the ball in the air, and finding a horde of bat guano and hauling it across town in a pickup truck to fertilize his golf course. This book makes you feel good about playing golf, that you're part of something steeped in ritual and mystery and tradition, and that the game was played perfectly well before perimeter-weighted, graphite-shafted irons came along.
    A Son of the Game: A Story of Golf, Going Home, and Sharing Life's Lessons
    James Dodson
    A Son of the Game: A Story of Golf, Going Home, and Sharing Life's Lessons Dodson, author of the popular memoir Final Rounds (1996), revisits fathers, sons, and golf with this story of his return to Pinehurst, North Carolina, often considered the home of golf in America. For Dodson, it is also his own home, the place where his father introduced him to golf and where he hopes to inspire the same passion for the game in his teenage son. Turning down assignments from national magazines, Dodson takes a part-time job as ?writer-in-residence? for a small newspaper in the Pinehurst area and moves into a cottage, juggling between North Carolina and his home and family in Maine. The fabled Sandhills, home not only to Pinehurst but also to dozens of other world-class golf courses, prove the perfect tonic for Dodson?s incipient midlife crisis, restoring both his sense of his past and his love of golf. This slow-paced, eulogistic memoir draws on the deep, near-archetypal feelings that dedicated golfers have for the game, its history, and their own connections to the fathers and mentors who first put clubs in their hands. A bit sentimental, to be sure, but, in Pinehurst, that?s the rub of the green.
    The Golf Swing: The Definitive Golf Instructional Book
    David Leadbetter
    The Golf Swing: The Definitive Golf Instructional Book Now, golfers can learn from the instructor who has helped Nick Faldo, Tom Watson, David Frost, Nick Price, and Bob Tway. In the most revolutionary instruction book since Ben Hogan's Modern Fundamentals, golfing guru David Leadbetter discloses the swing secrets that transformed the game of the Open and Masters champion Nick Faldo-and which can bring solid ball striking within the reach of any dedicated golfer. The 250 individual color illustrations bring the text to life, showing clearly how a sound golf swing can be developed in a step-by-step manner. It is just as if David were giving you a lesson in your own home. As Nick Faldo says in his foreword, "What this book will give you is the chance to find out how good you really are.
    Zen Golf: Mastering the Mental Game
    Joseph Parent
    Zen Golf: Mastering the Mental Game The lessons in Zen Golf make the mental game seem so simple. Dr. Parent has given me very effective methods for working with thoughts and emotions, and for taking the negatives out of the picture. -Vijay Singh, Masters and PGA Champion Soothing and enlightening, Zen Golf exposes us to the storm-tossed waters of the golfer's psyche, but in short order, Dr. Parent has us bobbing easily amidst the waves.' -Guy Yocum, Senior Writer for Golf Digest There?s no other book like this one. If you want to know what has gotten in the way of playing better and what you can do about it, look no further. -Mike 'Radar' Reid, PGA Tour Winner
    The Best Instruction Book Ever! Golf Magazine's Top 100 Teachers Show You the Fastest Ways to Shoot
    Editors of Golf Magazine
    The Best Instruction Book Ever! Golf Magazine's Top 100 Teachers Show You the Fastest Ways to Shoot Want simple tips to help smash it past your pals? Want to know how to generate the most power from your swing, put it close with irons, and stop three-putting? GOLF Magazine's Top 100 Teachers combine their knowledge to help you get your game back in shape with their first book, "The Best Instruction Book Ever!" This book would include the simple, direct and helpful tips that make the YOUR GAME section in GOLF Magazine the most popular part of the magazine. The book will be concentrated into different key areas: Driving, Iron Play, Chipping, Putting, Fault Fixes, Trouble Shots. Stunning photography from the world's best golf instruction photographers would give the book an extra edge in the marketplace as well as three dimensional diagrams which take instruction to a new level.
    The Negotiable Golf Swing: How to Improve Your Game Without Picture-Perfect Form
    Joseph Lorentino
    The Negotiable Golf Swing: How to Improve Your Game Without Picture-Perfect Form A negotiable golf swing is a compatible arrangement of the many permissible alternatives that, while not conforming to the computer models of the perfect golf swing, can still function very well to get the job done. By identifying and organizing these negotiable swing components, The Negotiable Golf Swing will show you how you can use basic swing components and their permissible permutations to negotiate a better game of golf. In other words, you can learn how to play a better game of golf with a lot of what you're already bringing to the table. Few swings need a complete overhaul, a total retooling from setup to finish position. It's more likely that you, like thousands of erstwhile golfers, just need to learn what's negotiable with the golf swing and what's not. The Negotiable Golf Swing covers the nonnegotiable as well, that is, all those immutable laws of ball flight, which are determined as the clubhead moves through the impact area making contact with the ball. The Negotiable Golf Swing will provide you with an understanding of how basic human skills are learned and how to apply them to your game, how to grasp and meld the negotiable with the nonnegotiable, which will help you build an effective golf swing, and ultimately, improve your game. This eye-opening tutorial will empower golfers from beginners to seasoned to single-digit handicap players. Many swing gurus try to convince golfers that they must have perfect form - even a model swing - in order to play better. This is simply not true, and in The Negotiable Golf Swing you won't find any "one size fits all." Rather you will learn not only how a negotiable golf swing can work for you, but also why it's the best and fastest route to success.
    How I Play Golf
    Tiger Woods
    How I Play Golf No athlete has changed his sport the way Tiger Woods has transformed the world of golf. The Tiger phenomenon has created a new legion of golfers, seduced by Woods's almost effortless mastery of this most difficult game. In How I Play Golf Woods reveals the many facets of his game and offers a plethora of tips and advice aimed at all levels of play. Unlike most golf guides, and perhaps somewhat surprising from a player best known for his long game, How I Play Golf begins with the short game--putting, chipping, and pitching--before moving onto swing mechanics and hitting off the tee. Produced in conjunction with the editors of Golf Digest, the book is lavishly photographed and illustrated and offers a gold mine of useful ideas and mental images Tiger has collected over the years. Throughout, Tiger recounts memorable shots from his relatively brief career; for example, his only "perfect" shot (a 3-wood on No. 14 at St. Andrews) and his first putt at the 1995 Masters (a 20-footer for birdie on No. 1 that missed and rolled off the green). How I Play Golf is not only a first-rate instructional guide, it also communicates a passion and respect for the game that beginners, hackers, and low handicappers should find inspiring. Highly recommended.
    The Art of the Short Game: Tour-Tested Secrets for Getting Up and Down
    Stan Utley
    The Art of the Short Game: Tour-Tested Secrets for Getting Up and Down Stan?s help with my short game was the difference between playing some nice golf and winning again on the PGA Tour and winning majors on the Champions Tour.

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