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Unlock Growth

Take Your Video Analytics to the Next Level

Leverage advanced video analytics to unlock unparalleled performance and growth. By merging video, advertising, user, and ecommerce data, you can answer critical questions like assessing autoplay video viewership, understanding user reactions to ads, optimizing ad engagement, identifying high-ad-view videos, and determining video profitability. This comprehensive data approach empowers data-driven decisions for enhancing your video strategy, ad placements, and monetization, ultimately driving revenue and user satisfaction.

Streamline Insights

Deliver Analytics via API

API-based analytics provide real-time, automated access to data, enabling publishers to integrate analytics seamlessly into their workflows and make faster, data-driven decisions, while also offering flexibility and customization options not available with spreadsheets.

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Custom Analytics

Bespoke Performance Analytics

ParOne empowers publishers to define and track specific key performance indicators (KPIs) that align with their unique business goals and objectives. By creating personalized metrics, publishers can gain deeper insights into the performance of their content, advertising, and user engagement, enabling them to measure success accurately and make data-driven optimizations. With the ability to tailor metrics to their specific needs, publishers can unlock a more comprehensive understanding of their audience, revenue streams, and overall performance, leading to more effective decision-making and strategy refinement.

Deep Insights

Drill down to a level like no other

Uncover Unprecedented Data Depth and Unlock Actionable Insights with Unparalleled Drill-Down Capabilities.

Designed from the ground up

Innovating from the Foundation

ParOne embodies innovation at its core, as it was meticulously crafted and conceptualized from the very foundation.

Video Analytics

Video analytics provides invaluable insights into viewer engagement and performance, enabling data-driven decisions for optimizing content and advertising strategies.

Ad Analytics

Ad analytics offers a comprehensive understanding of ad performance, including viewability, click-through rates, and conversion metrics, empowering advertisers to refine and enhance their campaigns.

User Token Tracking

User tracking delivers valuable insights into user behavior, enabling businesses to tailor content and strategies for improved engagement and satisfaction.

Call to Action Analytics

Call-to-action (CTA) analytics provide crucial data on the effectiveness of your prompts, helping you fine-tune your messaging and drive desired user actions.