Redefining how to
engage today's

golf consumers

by syndicating video to golf apps and websites globally


ParOne is a media technology company that syndicates video to the most popular golf apps and websites
engaging golfers worldwide through a single channel.

Our automated, back-end solution distributes original and sponsored video allowing
established and emerging brands to massively engage audiences globally for the first time ever.

JR Charles


Rich Katz

Senior Golf Advisor

Marty Brown


Taz Nakonecznyj

Full Stack Engineer

Manny Veloso

Cloud Engineer

Media Outlets

As a one-stop distribution shop, ParOne augments media plans at scale.

Easy as 1-2-3
Our pioneering, self-serve portal automates the process whereby you input when your sponsored video content runs, who sees it and the golf apps and websites on which it appears — all under a set cost per view.
Exponentially expanded exposure
Engage real golf consumers in the golf apps and websites they love
while only paying $.05 per view when engaged for at least 30 seconds

Apps and Websites

Golf apps and websites now have access to
video content from popular media outlets unavailable otherwise

A more complete user experience.
Show exciting video from leading media outlets for increased utilization and traffic.
ParOne pays you.
Realize incremental revenue with ParOne and get paid for video views on your app or website.
It's easy.
Integration takes less than one hour.

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