ParOne is redefining how media buyers
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content, globally.

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How it works

We bring you the best golf content from digital and traditional networks across the world. Enjoy live events, viral videos, full golf episodes, endless instructional content and more.

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Pause, rewind, or simply hop to another video; watching exactly what you want, when you want, where you want.

Not sure what to watch? We have recommendations tailored to your tastes.

Like what you see? Get more from the same network with easy access to their on-demand library.

How To Get It

ParOne will be available on a number of golf apps, golf websites, and golf GPS carts in the US, Canada, Europe, Africa, and Asia beginning in Early 2021.

Who we are

Our ambition is to create a platform and network that makes distributing and watching golf content easy and enjoyable.

ParOne is here to engage and entertain golfers by delivering personalized live and non-live content to every golf app, website and GPS cart around the world. Golf is truly a global game and golfers come from all walks of life, which is why ParOne is here to elevate those voices on a global scale.

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Partner With Us

Content Providers

You’ve worked hard to establish your brand and you have high quality content. We can help you improve viewer engagement, increase brand exposure and get insight into your viewers.

How it works: You partner with us and we distribute your live and non-live content through our single pipeline that connects every golf app, golf website, and golf GPS cart in our network. We call that a CASN™.

What’s in it for you: Increased viewership and brand awareness. Scale. More revenue dollars.

Golf Apps

You give golfers all the data they could ever need. We came up with a way to help you keep those golfers coming back to your app after their round is done.

You partner with us and we deliver quality content so you won’t have to seek it out. We also deliver it to you directly through custom APIs with your platform, so you won't have to deal with any of the technical headaches.

Learn more about the ParOne Platform: We provide your users with access to free golf content so you won’t have to worry about coming up with those additional revenue streams from the smart features you’ve built in.

What’s in it for you: Added value. Turnkey solution. Monetization.

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